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Hello world!

What an appropriate title for this post.  If you’ve ever set up a WordPress blog then you’ll recognize Hello World! as the title standard default post for every newly installed blog (oops, I should say site now).

So, without any further ado and no gilding of the lily whatsoever, welcome to LoneWolfMuskoka — LoneWolf’s latest playground on the internet.

WordPress has taken the WordPress Multi User codebase (WPMU) and merged it into the core of WordPress itself for version 3.0.  They’ve changed a lot of the terminology (for example, we now talk about sites rather than blogs) but the effect is that we can now set up multiple sites as subdomains without having to do a lot of installation and maintenance as they share most of the code and database.

So, in order to explore this wonderful new world I’ve installed it here (currently it’s only an RC so there are a few quirks) and I’m learning to play with it.  New toys are so exciting!

You may be wondering what I intend to do with this site.  Well, the first order of business is to learn about the multi site capability and other new features of WP 3.0.  But ultimately, this will be a platform for me to set up mini sites as well as full sites about things that interest me.  This will include some sites that are intended to sell stuff (affiliate products and eventually some of my own stuff) and/or generate advertising revenues.

I will also create test sites periodically to test and display potential theme and functionality ideas to clients.

I hope that you’ll enjoy exploring around in this LoneWolf world as much as I enjoy creating it.  Come and share the adventure with me!